Vicki Drozdowski


I am a freelance writer who has her ears and eyes open ready to report on Melbourne and its surrounds. The Victorian capital is a vibrant, multicultural city whose people and events are constant stimulation for me. I have self-published as well as been published by  Fairfax Media. I hope you find my articles an interesting, informative and entertaining read.

I am also a teacher of German and English as an Additional Language and an advocate for literacy ‘for all’, including new Australians and Indigenous students. I am committed to seeing the outcomes for Indigenous students improve. For my paper on the barriers to learning for Indigenous students as well as initiatives which are seeing an improvement in outcomes, read my paper:

What are the barriers to effective learning for Indigenous students?

As a bilingual Australian and teacher of German, I am an advocate for the teaching and learning of languages in Australian schools. For my paper on the advantages of learning a second language read my paper:

Why should the learning of languages be part of the school curriculum?

I’ve also just completed the AFS Global Competence Certificate as well as Facilitator training and am now a qualified global competence facilitator. As the world becomes more and more economically interdependent and we seek solutions to complex problems such as climate change and global pandemics, it is increasingly important that we are able to communicate inter-culturally. We need to become self-aware as well as develop an awareness of other world cultures, including their cultural dimensions and communication styles. Only through this knowledge and skill, will we be able to dive beneath the water or into the centre of the cultures with which we need to negotiate and then bridge cultures. We need to become inter-culturally aware and more globally competent. Read my article on LinkedIn on how I have been able to move towards the German speaking community’s more direct communication style.