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A little Poetry

You and I

You spoke, I heard

You led, I followed

You frowned, I learnt

You laughed, I smiled

You gave, I gained

You aged, I matured

You wept, I cried

You loved, you grieve

You yearn, I listen

You live, I smile

The Honeymooners: Faith and Rennie 1955


Oh for the sound of young love

As it flirts, frolics and flounders

In a sea of excitement

The pounding heart and surging blood

Collide with sheer moments of joy

As the tension builds and erupts into

The perfect summer night’s storm

As love grows it mellows

Yet strengthens and matures to a steady regular beat

That is strong and sustaining

Dark clouds come and go

With the ebb and flow of the tide

Yet the waves keep her

Buoyant and full of life

As the years pass

Love softens to the warm dappled glow of an autumn eve

She is quieter now

The heart beats on

As its waves roll gently to the shore

kissing the sand – one last time

The parting is heavy on souls

As love falls silent

Making way for

New life and new love