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Professional Engagement

7. Teachers reflect on, evaluate and improve their professional knowledge and practice

 Within the context of professional studies, graduating teachers will:

7.4 demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional learning and employ effective strategies to develop their knowledge and refine their professional practice

In order to demonstrate my competence in this area, this year I particated in several PD sessions run by The AEU including:

  • Assessment on the GO: fast, formative and frequent assessment run by Glen Pearsall attended on Thursday 17th September:

PD @ the Pub: Assessment on the go

Classroom Dynamics: A Teacher’s Handbook by Glen Pearsall

I also participated in the VicTESOL PD session held on November 1st: Information Technology and EAL learners

        Information Technology and EAL learners

In January 2013, I participated in the course: Deutsch Lehrer lernen, German teachers learn, held by the Goethe Institute of Australia. The course covered: teacher competencies, lesson organization and classroom layout. Based on the AITSL National Standards for Teachers (2011) the following standards were addressed: standards